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The weather gorgeous this past week, I found it the perfect opportunity to start exercising and often. I started looking forward to it during the work day, as I eyed my change of clothes and sneakers stashed in a bag under my desk at work. There’s just something absolutely motivating about a fresh new world coming to life, sunshine and glorious 70-80 degree temps. And man, working 10 hour days during that delicious spring weather, well, it was nearly torture. Taking walks after work made it just a little more bearable.

all laced up & ready to go!

I ended up taking 1 mile walks around a nearby lake. I like have a route to walk that I don’t have to think about as I’m walking it; my new home is in a neighborhood I’m not 100% familiar with yet and I have yet to figure out a good route that is long enough. So…the lake came in quite handy. And besides, it was so beautiful walking it!

so peaceful

I even found pussy-willows!

Does the return to warmer weather give you the urge to start exercising again, too?