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Hubby was sick yesterday with the sore throat to end all sore throats, so I made him a pot of chicken noodle soup, brewed him tea and encouraged him to at least keep downing fluids. By late afternoon, however, the sunshine and summer temps beckoned, so I left him with his marathon of old movies, documentaries and food shows and headed up to my in-laws to share chocolate chip cookies with my sister and SIL.

We quite seriously call ourselves sisters even if my sister isn’t related to my sisters-in-law. As Sam says, my SILs are her ‘like sissies!’ and I can’t imagine life without this dynamic. We laughed, took photos and ate cookies and salad. And plotted how we’re going to have at least one more girls’ night with all four of us when my husband’s other sister comes home for a visit this summer.

I love my sisters. 🙂 Near and far! In the last year or so, I gained three sisters by marriage – my hubby’s two sisters and my little brother’s wife – and life feels all the more richer for having them in my life. I miss the ones who live very far away and treasure these little moments with the ones who live nearby. I wish I had realized how much I’d miss my other two sisters-in-law before they left, spent more time with both. We miss you, Caitlin & Addy!