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We planted the garden last night. I realized again how much I enjoy doing daily work – whether dishes or cooking or cleaning or gardening – as long as I’m doing it with him. We work well together, him and I. I’ve always loved how we’re a good team like that. We don’t step on each other’s toes too much and rarely get too persnickety about how things are done. (Notice, I say ‘not too much’ and ‘rarely’ – we aren’t perfect to say the least!)

Anyhow. We planted our box garden. It is absolutely adorable. I love it. Six tomato plants, six lettuce plants, two pepper plants, six basil plants, several hills of summer squash and zucchini and six cucumber plants. We’ll plant Italian pole beans later.

Now just to keep the woodchuck away from the tender shoots. Ty went out on a call shortly after we finished up and when he got back the stinking creature was sitting right where his car is normally parked, staring at our garden. Barely in the ground an hour and he’s already sniffing the plants out. I hadn’t seen him at all this year up until today when I got home from work! Ty has the shot gun out and is determined not to let our garden get eaten without a fight. Yeah…I think I’m living in the country now!