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I don’t care much for Twinkies and I absolutely abhor bananas.

Why am I telling you this? Well. Because I got invited to participate in a feast involving Twinkies and pureed banana…with the Blue Man Group!

Yup, this weekend, my hubby and I drove into Boston for a performance of the Blue Man Group, thanks to my awesome sister-in-law who got us tickets for our anniversary. Our seats were in the fourth row from the front, so I got to tease my husband mercilessly about how he was stuck sacrificing dignity to wear a plastic poncho. It’s a shame that we weren’t allowed to take pictures before the performance began. Still, I had a blast teasing him about how crinkly he sounded in plastic. XD

For those of you who aren’t at all familiar with the Blue Man Group, here’s a small taste…

And here’s a clip of the routine I got to participate in (obviously not me, but still a glimpse of what I got to do!):


There’s something unnerving about a bright blue man staring silently, without blinking, directly at you. And it’s probably a good thing I hadn’t the faintest clue what I’d be doing up on that stage because if I knew it’d involve bananas, well, I might have hide under my purse and sacrificed my husband with a shout of, “Take him! He likes Twinkies AND bananas!”

But I didn’t and so I took the Blue Man’s arm and let him lead me onto the stage.

And surprisingly enough, I had a blast. I think I like being surprised out of my comfort zone! They were very sweet and kind (in spite of squirting pureed banana out of the center of my chest protector thingie) and gave me a carry-out container of pureed banana and a polaroid momento of my participation of the performance – which one kissed as an autograph for me after the show. 🙂 We had a wonderful evening and an experience we’ll never forget!

Have you ever seen the Blue Man Group?