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Strawberries taste like summer, I think, dropping another ripe berry into my cardboard flat. My younger sister’s lips are stained pink from taste-testing the fruit of her labors. The berries are plump and ruby ripe, perfect from a rainy week followed by days of sunshine.

The sun is hot on my back and I hope I don’t get a sunburn. Still, I can already smell jam cooking on the stove and taste fresh strawberries with shortcake and cream.

It’s within moments like these that I feel most content and right with the world. The dirt beneath my feet solid and comforting, the promise of sweetness for a winter to come. I feel safe, right and well with the world; not insecure in myself (for the moment, at least) and not striving within to compete and compare with others.

The moment just feels right.

It’s like Rich Mullins says in his book The World as I remember It: Through the Eyes of a Ragamuffin

Not often, but every once in a while you have that perfect kind of moment when you put everything into a task and find you have enough, and you feel that, even if you bungle the job, there is little at stake. You sink your teeth into something, put your heart into it, act deliberately, by choice–not by coercion of immediate necessity. You mean what you do as if there is no meaning at all in anything else–you do it for the joy of doing it, not just to get it done. You shoot from the hip, swing from your shoulders and feel that exhilarating grace and balance of having found your center, or having centered yourself.

…It is in those moments that we find some sense of who we are. Regardless of how grand or common the event of the moment is, in it we see ourselves at our absolute best–focused, posed and pure–no compromise, no ulterior motives, no self-deception or pretense. We see what we are like when we have no point to prove or score, no bills to fit, no scrutinizing to endure…

Between the stress of my workplace, a full life, a never-ending to-do list, plus a harsh inner critic, moments like this are uncommon for me. As a result, they are all the more sweeter and this strawberry morning moment…tastes very sweet indeed.