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We harvested the first head of lettuce from our garden this past weekend. How is it that anything home-grown or harvested seems to taste better than anything that comes out of a grocery store?

Since I had about 13 pounds of strawberries sitting in my kitchen, compliments of my strawberry moment last week, I decided be Suzy Homemaker and made strawberry jam. Fifteen jars later, I surveyed the fruit of my labors. They look good, don’t they? 9 jars of the regular recipe and 6 low sugar. I’ve learned that the regular recipe is incredibly sweet, while the low-sugar tastes like a perfect summer day. As a result, I’m determined to have another jam-making session before strawberry season is over, so we have a few more jars of the low-sugar option.

My husband says I’m turning into a regular country girl. My response is usually to stick my tongue out at him and say, “What, city girls can’t make jam, too?”

Still hard to believe that yeah, I live out in the sticks now and I really am a country girl.

The blackberry canes up by our future home are loaded with what could potentially be a gorgeous berry harvest in July, provided we get some good rainfall between now and then. I can smell blackberry jelly already. It makes me smile to think of one-day, some-day, having little kids to help pick berries and eat up all the jam we make. A family of our own. What a strange, yet natural thought at the same time. Still, we’re quite content to eat the jam ourselves and give it away to friends and family while there’s just the two of us in our family. 😉

I love this summer part of our life.