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The factory at my workplace is downsizing their inventory, from parts to finished product. As a result, they’re getting rid of a ton of old boxes for transferring parts and tools from department to department.

I grabbed one box from a stack next to the dumpster and brought it home, not sure what we’d do with it. I thought maybe my husband would want it for something, since he works in construction.

And then I found the perfect use for it. The two slots in the box are the perfect shape to display jars.

Yup. Jars of jam. Don’t they look perfect in this old parts box?

I think I’m going to go back for more. After all, blackberry and blueberry season are just about here and we’ll need to store many more jars for the winter. Plus these boxes will look amazing on our future home’s pantry and kitchen shelves!

Reusing and recycling. I love it.