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I nearly chickened out at the last minute. After all, I had four years worth of maintaining it, caring for it, loving it. When you’ve invested so much time and care into something and have lived with it for so long, it’s a little scary to be parted from it.

But…I did it.

I got my hair cut. (Or – as my dad would say, my hairs cut.)

I asked my hair-dresser to chop it all off. Four to five inches of hair, take it and throw it on the floor. Snip, snip, snip and it was done before I could think about running out the door again.

And soon I was looking at my new summer self.

I love it! No regrets in losing the hair, I’m having a blast playing with different short hair-styles and love how easy it is to deal with, especially when it’s unbearably warm – as it was just last week.

Plus, there’s the fun behind everyone’s reactions to my new look. The best one of all? Compliments of my aunt: “Oh! You got your hair cut! I like it – you look grown-up!”

Oh yes…nice to finally look like a grown-up now that I’m getting closer to thirty than twenty. 😉