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“I don’t have time to write letters.”

True, there are times in life when there really just isn’t time to sit down with fancy paper and pens to write a newsy epistle to your great-aunt Mildred. Sometimes there honestly are periods of life when you won’t have time for these kind of things; babies need to be held, over-time hours at work suck away any spare time and honestly, the mound of dishes in the sink come before writing. There a numerous reasons why you don’t have time to write a letter.

But sometimes, you just have to make time. Sometimes you just have to take the opportunity, even if it’s just a snatch of one. Suggestions on how to squeeze letters into your life?

  • Tuck a small pad of paper and a couple greeting/note cards into your purse. When you’re out and about, but have a few minutes, take the time to write a quick note to someone. I always carry a pad of paper and a couple blank cards along with a pen in my purse. A lot of my notes and letters are written while waiting for the spin cycle to complete at the Laundromat. There are plenty of opportunities to be found while: riding on the subway, waiting in line at the RMV, sitting in waiting rooms for doctor or dentist appointments, etc. Prepare yourself with materials and you can use these opportunities. Just like you should never go places without a book, never go places without a pen and paper.
  • Pick up a few postcards of your local attractions. Jotting down a quick note on a postcard takes all of a minute, but is still a pleasant surprise for the recipient. It doesn’t have to be much – just let them know you are thinking of them or give them a quick glimpse into your life.
  • Leave a notebook, pen and stash of greeting cards where you can easily access them. Stick them in a bedside table drawer, so if you have a moment you can jot down a quick note. Or on your desk by the computer so you can start a letter while waiting for a website to load or an update to finish uploading.

In the end, it’s what you make of your time. If you make anything a priority, you will find snatches of time – however brief – to make it happen. Even writing a letter.