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I took the afternoon off from work yesterday – a mental health day, yay! And what did I do? I ran some errands and bought a few things, including a gift for my niece who is due in November, a gift for my grandmother’s birthday and…fresh peaches from a local orchard.

Then I went home and made peach jam, in spite of the heat 85+ degree heat.

I think I find jam-making therapeutic these days. We made blueberry jam Tuesday evening when I got home from work (a rough day and I honestly felt like I needed to get SOMETHING accomplished since the rest of the day didn’t clear much off my internal to-do list at work) and suddenly, Friday morning, while sitting at work it dawned on me.

Peach jam.

Cue a watering mouth. And an immediate text that I sent to my hubby: “Peach jam. Yay or Nay?”

His response, of course, was YAY!

Oh, the fruit of my labor. I love it. I love how it looks and I love how it tastes like summer in a jar. I can’t wait to make another batch of it to share with family and friends.

(Random literary reference: Kissin’ Kate in Louis Sachar’s Holes made the best peach preserves in town. Not sure what hers tasted like, but mine is pretty darn delicious!)