1) Pink flatters me far better than navy blue.
2) I function better on sleep than without.
3) Running on 4 hours of sleep results in a less inhibited Krista, which makes me a good scavenger hunt participant.
4) Its a good idea to save the most embarrassing things in a scavenger hunt for last, because then the unwitting strangers who are involved in your participation (i.e., random deli works at the local grocery) will already be familiar with what’s going on because they’ve already experienced the hijinks (i.e., spontaneous serenading) of the enemy teams. Such tasks are a lot less embarrassing when people are expecting you.
5) It is impossible to find a yellow school bus on any roads on a school holiday. But Wal-Mart does stock toy ones.
6) Put the smallest, lightest person on the top of a human pyramid. It’s easier on your back.
7) Wear sneakers when participating in scavenger hunts.
8) There is no need for dramatics when asking a stranger for a band-aid, just remember to send one of the most friendly and innocent-looking members of the team to do the asking. Little old ladies are especially good targets for such requests.
9) “For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow” is the shortest song ever.
10) Mocha truffles are amazing.
11) My brother is the best Story-teller ever when it comes to playing Mafia.
12) Change doesn’t like me and I don’t like change, especially when it comes to changes in our grocery store’s layout. Where have they hidden the granola bars?!
13) Sweet Caroline makes me smile.
14) Small towns are a combination of wicked-awesome and wicked-awful, depending on the weather and the latest flavor of the gossip. Only in a small town would you come into work one day with five copies of your brother’s engagement announcement on your desk – from five different people.
15) Cowboy boots continue to rock my world. One of the best investments I’ve made in fashion purchases. ❤
16) I really want to get back into the swing of doodling again. 🙂
17) Noise, stress and I don't mix well. X_X

My life feels like a blur of workworkworkworkwork (imagine an annoying bird going worhk-WORHK-worhk-WORHK-worhk-WORHK), so pardon the listy posts lately. I’m trying to not spazz out at the fact that I have siblings who have not stopped 1) talking, 2) arguing, 3) bouncing literally off the walls and 4) whistling since I got home from a horrid, horrid workday.

Stress 10, Braincells 0. NEED CHOCOLATE… >_<